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 Global Indictment Issued Against Hungarian Government

Montreal. October 20, 2011: A new, global civil-rights advocacy group – The Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Charter(CHDC)– based in Montreal, Canada, issued a worldwide indictment against the government of Viktor Orbán today. Addressing the international court of public opinion, the 10 point indictment accuses the Hungarian government of, of wilful civil and human rights abuses, of deliberately undermining Hungary’s democratic foundations and thereby threatening not only the economic and political stability of Hungary but Europe’s as well. The indictment points out, that Hungary is the first member of the European Union to cross the line separating democratic governance from autocratic rule. The CHDC echoes the alarm raised by such internationally reputable anti-communist crusaders as Vaclav Havel, the first President of the democratic Czech republic, or Adam Michnik, one of the most respected leaders of the Polish Solidarnos movement. Along with hundreds of well known Hungarian anti-communist activists, they had sent an impassioned appeal to leaders of the European Union already at the beginning of the year: „Just 20 years after communism collapsed, Hungary’s government, though elected democratically, is misusing its legislative majority to methodically dismantle democracy’s checks and balances, to remove constitutional constraints, and to subordinate to the will of the ruling party all branches of power, independent institutions and the media” ( The situation since then has gotten much worse. The spokespersons of The Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Charter emphasize, that their indictment is not directed against the people or the nation of Hungary. They reject the crude attempts of Hungarian authorities to stigmatize all their opponents as anti-Hungarian. „Our indictment is not against the people of Hungary, but against the country’s unscrupulous and self-serving rulers, who are showing little regard for universal democratic principles and who, as a consequence, threaten not only Hungary’s but Europe’s peace and stability. We ask everyone who holds the basic principles of democracy sacred, to visit our website, , and join forces with us by signing our petition”.

According to the latest studies, more than 50 democracies around the world are on the verge of a “democracy meltdown”, due to the failure of governments to respect the fundamental principles of democratic sustainability. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Hungary became the first member of the European Union, to face such a meltdown. The “Indictment” prepared by the The Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Charter furnishes unassailable evidence, that in this small, Central European country, once part of the Soviet Empire, it is not the people but the popularly elected government, which bears the chief burden of responsibility for this failure.

The Orbán government was elected to office in May, 2010 with a large majority, promising to provide a million new jobs, and economic prosperity to Hungary’s long suffering populace. The preceding socialist-liberal coalition government, which was in power during the previous 8 years, had clearly lost the confidence of the people due to its own political shortcomings and inability to master Hungary’s increasingly difficult economic challenges. Instead of implementing badly needed structural reforms, the Orbán government opted for a bizarre mix of predatory economic policies, which penalise the less fortunate and those that can offer little resistance to governmental excess. Instead of strengthening the country’s democratic foundations and providing a broader base for reasonable debate and discourse, Orbán’s government has ruthlessly silenced dissent against its misguided policies. As a consequence of these predatory actions, Hungary’s economic and political stability has been seriously compromised. The Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Charter’s spokespersons declare that: „The Hungarian government’s failure to respect universally valid democratic principles has an impact far beyond the borders of Hungary. The virus of autocracy does not recognize international borders and is capable of setting off an international pandemic. Tolerance of rogue governments, such as Orbán’s, within the confines of the European Union, will simply demonstrate to other would be autocrats, that the road is open towards autocracy in Europe and the rest of the world. We must not allow this to happen. The Canadian – Hungarian Democratic Charter will fight alongside Hungary’s citizens, to restore democratic rights in Hungary, and will also do its part to prevent the spread of the autocratic virus beyond the borders of Hungary, to the rest of Europe and North America”

The Canadian – Hungarian Democratic Charter is a non-partisan, global, civil rights advocacy group, based in Montreal, Canada. It is not affiliated with any political party. It was launched on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Hungarian people’s heroic uprising against communist tyranny. According to its Founders, “The initiative is a salute and tribute to the example and sacrifices that Hungarians have made to promote and uphold universally valid democratic principles. We hope, our efforts will help the citizens of Hungary to once again enjoy the fruits of their past and current sacrifices. We are committed to helping them to regain the respect their country may have suffered as a consequence of the self-serving, predatory actions of their current leaders. Our efforts are undertaken in solidarity with the friends of democracy wherever they may be”


For further information contact one of our spokespersons at:

Dr. András B. Göllner, Founder and International Spokesperson, Montreal, Quebec.

Christopher Adam, Founder and Spokesperson, Ottawa, Ont.

Éva Balogh, Founder and Spokesperson, New Haven, Conn.

Imre Szeman, Founder and Spokesperson, Edmonton, Alberta.