András B. Göllner

A dual Canadian-Hungarian citizen, András B. Göllner is one of the Founders, and national spokesperson of the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter. With a Ph.D in political economy from the London School of Economics and higher degrees in International Relations from Carleton University and Université de Montreal, András B. Göllner is a respected international scholar on Democratic Governance, Political Communications and and on a broad range of business and society issues. He is an Emeritus Associate Professor at Montreal’s Concordia University and the author of a number of well known books and articles on business, politics and international affairs (e.g Social Change and Corporate Strategy. Sttamford: IAP, 1983; Public Affairs in Canada. Montreal: IRPP. 1984; Canada Under Mulroney (ed. with D. Salee), Montreal: Véhicule Press, 1988.) He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on both sides of the Atlantic. Following the collapse of communism in Hungary, Dr Göllner played an important role in the broadening of democratic processes in the country of his origin. He coordinated Hungary’s first communications strategy for EU accession, and worked as a strategic communications advisor for various democratically elected governments over the past twenty years in Hungary. He lives in Montreal.