Éva S. Balogh

Éva S. Balogh left Hungary in 1956 as a young university student, after the Soviets crushed Hungary’s popular anti-communist uprising. She became a landed immigrant in Canada, completing her B.A. (hon.) in history at Ottawa’s Carleton University. Her Masters and PhD degrees were complated at Yale University. Her field of specialisation is Russian and East European Studies, and history. After completing her graduate studies, Éva S. Balogh went on to pursue an illustrious academic career as Professor of History and Dean of Morse College at Yale University. She is the author of numerous studies on Hungarian foreign policy and party politics, focusing on the  period between the two world wars. She publishes a widely read english language blog, Hungarian Spectrum, which has a large internatonal following, and is frequently cited by schollars and such well known foreign publications as The Economist. Éva S. Balogh lives in Bethany, not far from New Haven, Connecticut.